How to end a match relationship

Toppin is designed to meet people and enjoy every moment, to find the love of your life or meet people who make you have sweet moments. But it doesn’t always happen to the first match. Therefore, from Toppin we want to teach you different ways to let that match know that we are no longer interested in them.

The way we do it is important, because with it we will be able to create a healthy community and also, we will respect other users. Ghosting is not the only option.


There is no progression in your relationship

If at some point you realize that you are not facing the person who will sweeten your life, and you do not like it as much as you thought, there is no need to run away, you can simply address the situation with a simple “it was a pleasure meeting you, what a pleasure.” We had a good time, but I don’t think we hit it off enough.”


From love to friendship there is a small step

You might find someone very sweet topping. That your first dates were amazing but at a point you see that person more as a friend than the love of your life.

How can you convey that idea? The first thing you have to do is be kind but very clear with your intentions. Draw a line of where you want to take the relationship and what you want with it.

The other person may not claim a friendship and cut all relationship. Be respectful with the decision of others, just as you would want them to be with yours.


You’re not sure if your match feels the same way you do

You may find yourself in certain situations where you may think that you always make the first move, you always start the conversation or you are the one who proposes the dates. In these situations it is advisable to stop, be concise and state what you want from the relationship.

Conveying to the person you are meeting what you are looking for, what you need and where you want to take the relationship that is being formed is essential for your match to become something sweet.


It’s been wonderful, but it’s coming to an end

You met someone very special and you lived unforgettable moments. The time to face a breakup is always complicated and there may not be the perfect way to do it. But there are wrong ways and one of them is not doing it in person.

Be honest and sincere. The breakup may be caused by a specific event or because your feelings take another direction. Be honest with that person who made you have such good times.


From bad to worse

You matched with someone, everything worked perfectly, but something happened that you cannot ignore, a specific event or a series of situations that you do not want in your life.

Transmitting to that person what he has done so that you decide to stop seeing him, in a clear and sincere way is a good starting point.


Set limits

After several dates you begin to see certain behaviors or situations that you do not want to have in a future relationship. It skips all the limits you have and you see clearly that if this happens at the beginning it can get worse later. In this case we advise you to block the user and if the case is worse, report it in the application.

Toppin is designed to create sweet moments and meet people who contribute something to your life, enjoying every little moment. Therefore, respecting all app users and being honest and friendly will help create a healthy community.

Sweeten your life with Toppin.

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