Tips for having the perfect first date

The first dates always cause us nerves, insecurities, but also excitement. For this reason, from Toppin we want to give you some tips that will help you make your first date as perfect as possible. And remember, there can always be failure, it is something natural.


Your friends, your best supporters

When we fill out our profiles on social networks, we usually show an image of ourselves that does not fully conform to reality, which projects a wrong image of ourselves. The problem arises that, by meeting each other, we can disappoint our date, who has a predefined image based on what he has seen on our profile.

To avoid this false impression, we must first show ourselves as we really are and adjust to it in the profile that we open in Toppin. Another great piece of advice is to ask our friends for help, so that we can make sure that we show ourselves as we are.


Choose the place of our first date well

We tend to think that the best place to have a first date is to come up with a complex and sophisticated plan. Nothing is further from reality. A dinner, a coffee in some fashionable place. Choosing a quiet and informal place is that this will help us relax and will not increase our nervousness.


The conversation, a point of support

When we think about the first date we usually think a lot about how the conversation will flow. It is normal to think about it because it is a point where we can fail, and this makes us even more nervous.

Although we start from the premise that this first date will be with someone with whom we have previously chatted, resorting to banal topics can make this date end in disaster.

A good option is to previously have a videochat appointment, in this way we can chat calmly and see if the conversation is fluid and pleasant.

And remember, do not constantly talk about yourself, this does not make a good impression.


Don’t let your body language betray you

One of the things that transmits the most about ourselves is body language. Being vigilant that this one does not betray us is easier than we think. According to certain studies, copying the language of our date can help us create a better atmosphere, if he smiles at us, we smile, for example.

Another way to take care of body language is how we sit, facing forward and without crossing our arms, with an open posture towards our interlocutor.


Acceptance, you will not agree on everything

Before a first date we cling to the idea that we can be in front of a person with whom we will have many things in common. Although this is possible, we must understand that no one is one hundred percent equal to us.

This fact is not only normal, but it is even, good. In this way we can establish varied topics of conversation and discover interesting facets of our date.

Remember, preparing well for a first date can help you make it flow and be as comfortable as possible, but if it doesn’t work out in the end, there’s nothing to worry about, because there are factors that we can’t control.

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