Toppitea safely

From Toppin we know how important security is for our users and that is why we want to help you with some tips so that your sweet adventure within Toppin is 100% safe and you only have to enjoy the sweetest moments.


1. Registration, the first step for your security

The first step for your Toppin adventure to be 100% secure is through our registration method through different methods. For this reason, it is recommended that users who want to toppitear safely register by following the steps correctly.


2. Verify your profile

One of the points that provide more security to your Toppin account is our selfie profile verification system.

By means of a selfie in which you will have to make a gesture with your hand, the same one that will appear on your mobile screen, we will verify your account. In this way you will gain security when visiting verified profiles and we will know that it is really you who is using the account in order to enjoy Toppin.


3. Block unwanted contacts

Another of the options that Toppin gives you is to block unwanted users. In this way we safeguard your privacy, being you the one who decides who can see your profile, or simply who can continue chatting with you.

So remember, if you think you’re looking at a profile that doesn’t make you feel safe, block it.


4. Do not share sensitive data

It is important, for the safety of Toppin users, that sensitive data is not shared. Not only bank details, but addresses where you live or work, or data related to your most private life.

At Toppin we believe in a healthy community that seeks to have fun and sharing this type of data can create uncomfortable situations that we must avoid.

Enjoy topping safely.


5. Don’t share private photos

One of the big problems that social networks have brought is none other than the indiscriminate use of private photographs. We have to be careful about what kind of photographs we send and to whom we send them, because we never know what use they can make of them.

Therefore, we invite you not to share certain images, so that the use of Toppin is 100% safe.


6. Share video call

If you’ve met someone interesting on Toppin and want to take the next step, we recommend using our option to set up a video call.

You will get to know each other better, you will be able to chat calmly and more fluently and, above all, face each other.

The video call option can be a great option within Toppin to enjoy and feel safe.


7. Do not hesitate to contact us

We hope this guide helps you enjoy the sweetest moments in Toppin. But if you have any questions, suggestions or want to contact us because you think your security is being violated, do not hesitate to contact us through our email

Your safety is paramount to us.

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